What is the Digital Tax Stamp Program ?

The Ministry of Industry is introducing the ‘Digital Tax Stamp Program – a Government initiative aiming at protecting consumers and promoting local production by putting strong security measures against illicit trade.

Components of the Digital Tax Stamp Program
The Digital Tax Stamp Program, which will be implemented during the Pilot Phase, is composed of the key following elements:
A. The implementation of the Tax Stamp Solution
B. The affixation of Tax Stamp on all gazette product categories
C. The enforcement of the Program by the authorities
D. The authentication of the products by the authorities via the Inspector Authentication Tools
E. The tracing and tracking of products and of statistics at the National and Provincial level
F. The empowerment of consumers to verify product authenticity via the Public Authentication Tool

The development and deployment of the Digital Tax Stamp Platform https://rdc-estampillage.com in accordance to article 2 of the ministerial decree n ° CAB.MIN / IND / SEC1 / 010/10/2021 OF OCTOBER 15, 2021 relating to regulations on stamping and barcoding of industrial and commercial parcels in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

How To

Be part of the Digital Tax Stamp Program ?

Prepare copies of the required information and documents before you click ‘Register Now’ and ensure a stable internet connection.

  • * The registration process is completely free of charge.

Required Information

RCCM Number

National Idenfication Number

Tax Number

Required documentation

Copy of the manufacturer's license from the Ministry of Industry (for local manufacturers)

Copy of the import / export license from the Ministry of Commerce (for importers)

The solution

What are Digital Tax Stamps?

Tax stamps are paper based labels or markings, with complex multi-layered security features. The technology that the Ministry of Industry is implementing through the Digital Tax Stamp Program, integrates the traditional stamps with advanced track and trace technology and audit systems. This helps the Government to regain control over the goods that are sold in the DRC territory as Digital Tax Stamps provide visible proof that excise taxes have been paid, and allow potentially harmful counterfeit products to be distinguished from genuine, certified products.

It is important to mention that other state institutions will be able to connect to the same system to have production and import statistics.

Pilot Implementation

The nation-wide implementation of the Digital Tax Stamp Program will be rolled-out in phases, starting with a Phase 1 Implementation in Haut-Katanga province.

Goods affected by the Digital Tax Stamp Program include:
• Locally manufactured goods, starting with: alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages
• Other goods as gazetted by the Commissioner at later stages

Pilot provinces

Transition Period for the Pilot Phase

The Provincial Ministry in charge of Industry grants a transition period to any manufacturer and importer, to allow their registration, reception and processing of their stamp order, as well as to prepare the factory.

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